For some truly unusual ice cream flavors read my Japanese Ice Cream page. You will be amazed at the range of flavors although unlikely to want to try them all.

Recipes For Unusual Flavors Of Ice Cream

There are many flavors of ice cream and every year I find new ones to try and come up wth great recipes for. This recipe is a good example: rhubarb and custard ice cream It's a rich and creamy ice cream with a marvellous taste and texture. You simply have to try it!

I'm often inspired by other foods or get a new idea from visiting an ice cream parlor. Here are some of the unusual ice cream recipes that I have made and for which I am happy to provide links to an actual recipe. I hope you will enjoy them. Homemade ice cream just gets better and better.

unusual ice cream flavors

Flavor with link to recipe:

eliciously creamy (top right photo)
Blueberry Ice Cream

Super 'boozy' sorbet
White Wine Sorbet

One of my favorites
Crème Brûlée Flavor

A fabulous winter warmer
Coffee, Rum & Walnut Recipe

My gothic grey ice cream
Licorice Toffee Flavor

Wonderful taste and texture
Rhubarb Sorbet

Flavor with link to recipe:

top 10 flavor
Fresh Coffee

Another top 10
Coconut Ice Cream

Rich and self-indulgent
White Chocolate

Fruity sorbet (middle photo)
Blackcurrant Lime Sorbet

Creamy Orange


Rocky Road

Unusual and a little 'boozy'!
Sloe Gin Sorbet

Popular creamy flavor
Green Tea

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Crunchy Honeycomb

Great traditional favorite
Raspberry Ripple

Blueberry Yoghurt Flavor

Brown Bread Ice Cream

Fun for the kids
Marmalade Ice Cream

A favorite in France
Nougat Ice Cream

Toffee Ice Cream

Stem Ginger Flavor

Author: Shelagh Caudle

A party favorite
Peanut Butter Flavor

Great for Halloween!
Pumpkin & Maple Syrup

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Apple & Blackberry Sorbet

Great in winter
Honey with Cinnamon & Cloves

Avocado Ice Cream

Cheesecake Flavor

Surprisingly popular
Prune Ice Cream

Unusual nut flavor
Chestnut Ice Cream

Egg Nog Flavor

Great for winter parties
Mulled Wine Sorbet