creme brulee flavor freshly madeCrème Brûlée Ice Cream made with real vanilla

Popular Homemade Ice Cream

There are many flavors of ice cream both commercially available and that you can enjoy homemade but there will always be 'evergreens' in terms of continued popularity. It's not difficult to guess what they are in some respects because they go hand in hand with other popular foods such as chocolate, banana and maple syrup; foods which in their own right have a longevity of popularity. Interacting with people on my social media sites affords a fascinating insight into what they like about ice cream and why.

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Here are links to my recipes for covering some of the most popular flavors:

video of me making ice creamVanilla - undoubtedly the most popular flavor in history; as popular now as ever. Great on its own, in a sundae or as an accompaniment to a hot pudding or pie.

Chocolate - possibly the most popular flavor for an ice cream sundae. Putting together 2 'melt-in-the-mouth' foods like chocolate and ice cream makes for one of the most irresistable desserts ever.

Strawberry - fragant and fruity; a seasonal that makes summer well worth waiting for.

Chocolate Chip - another variation on chocolate for the many chocaholics out there.

Pecan & Maple Syrup - sweet, nutty and sticky - a glorious ice cream on its own or with your favorite hot pudding.

Banana - quick and easy to make, a great treat any time

Making Banana Ice Cream Video
Butter Pecan - creamy and nutty, it's one of the best

Honey - surprisingly popular - an evergreen flavor

Mint Choc Chip - always popular especially with children with its wonderful blend of color and flavor.

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