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Ice Cream Sundae Treats

ice cream sundae presentationsMaking your own ice cream from a favorite recipe is just one part of the real fun of homemade ice cream. However, how to present it is quite another and be quite a challenge! It’s amazing but your presentation can have a great impact on the experience enjoyed by the person eating it. Sounds crazy perhaps but it’s true. Here's a good example .... when I last made fresh vanilla ice cream I asked my son and his friend whether they would like it in a cone or in a glass. They chose the glass – why? Because they knew I would then add whipped cream, sauce and an extra topping such as a chocolate flake or chopped nuts. You just can’t do all of that with a cone!

Here are just some of the ways you can present your ice cream - from glorious and indulgent sundaes to the ever popular and simple waffle cone ....
Knickerbocker Glory
Ice Cream Sandwich
These pages show just why ice cream is so appealing and I hope will serve to give you inspiration on how best to present your homemade ice creams. If you want more ideas you can also visit the Ice Cream Recipes pages on Google+ and Facebook - the icons at the top of the page will take you there. I also launched the Ice Cream Sundae Google+ Community so why not join me and many others there in sharing in a true communal spirit of what's great about this fabulous frozen treat.

Author: Shelagh Caudle