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National Ice Cream Day In USA

ice cream in cone

July is officially celebrated in the USA as the month in which Americans should enjoy and honor the tradition of ice cream. Moreover, the 3rd Sunday of the month is designated as National Ice Cream Day. So make a note of the day and plan some way in which to celebrate with ice cream, perhaps making a batch of your own for family and friends to enjoy. You'll find lots of recipes in this site to help you on your way as well as tips, advice, ideas for sundaes, toppings and much more.

In the USA more ice cream is consumed per head than any other country in the world – such is the passion for it amongst Americans. This is reflected by the fact that it was a far back as 1984 that President Ronald Reagan proclaimed every July should be a focus for greater attention to ice cream in the United States. The result is that National Ice Cream Month (and Day) have been celebrated ever since with no-one even daring to suggest any different :)

The International Dairy Foods Association website has more details about this special day of celebration as well as lots of other information about ice cream production, dairy farming etc. Why not use this day to make your own - and perhaps very first - Knickerbocker Glory or celebrate by watching a classic Laurel & Hardy short movie "Come Clean" which has contains a wonderful ice cream scene. If you've never seen it, read our special page on Laurel & Hardy and ice cream connections. You'll see what we mean! Read it here

There is so much to enjoy about this special, fun food. It brings color and fun into people's lives and for that reason alone it's well worth celebrating. So let's all make a point each year in remembering National Ice Cream Day and if eating it isn't enough and you have a passion for knowledge then you might enjoy my page on the history of ice cream or the development and popularity of the good old cone. There are some interesting pages in this vein on my page of Ice Cream Specials. I hope you enjoy reading them.