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Halloween Ice Cream

The food most associated with Halloween of course is the pumpkin. 31 October is a day when many people eat pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie – but what about pumpkin ice cream? Never tried it? Well, if you’ve any pumpkin to spare you might like to try this recipe for pumpkin and maple ice cream.. Make it as a surprise ‘treat’ and serve in cones or on hot waffles. Delicious!

Don't like pumpkin? Then try this gothic ice cream - I was delighted when I came up with this truly original recipe of my own! Inspired by my childhood in England enjoying locally made licorice toffee - an ideal treat on a winter's evening. If you can get hold of some quality licorice toffee this is a great, unusual ice cream to make and with its wonderful grey look it makes the perfect 'Gothic' ice cream for Halloween!

Here are some easy ice cream recipes if you are in a rush for Halloween but still want to serve up a homemade treat: easy vanilla - easy banana - easy chocolate

Looking for some ghost stories to tell at Halloween? Here are some fabulous real stories about haunted castles. Sit down and eat your homemade ice cream as you listen to some spooky stories!

Author: Shelagh Caudle