jackie chanJackie Chan is just one of many celebrities who admits to a love of ice cream. Jackie's favorite? Apparently it's chocolate.

The Magic Of Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream

freshly made chocolate ice creamA glorious creation, chocolate ice cream is one of the most popular ice creams. From the USA to China. From Elvis Presley to Jackie Chan, this flavor has many, many fans. So just what makes chocolate ice cream so popular? I think it's a special magic that rarely happens in food combinations. In the case of this particular flavor, both chocolate and ice cream have 'melt in the mouth properties. Ice cream of course is colder than normal body temperature and chocolate melts at 34C - 3 degrees below normal body temperature is 37C. So as a 'combination' food it doesn't get more appealing! There are chocolate lovers who enjoy all things chocolate and there are ice cream lovers who love to try all flavors of ice cream. No wonder this flavor has such a huge audience.

Chocolate ice cream is simply fabulous and great fun to make. Here are my recipes you can try:

Chocolate ice cream (recipe 1) - This has a custard base made with real chocolate AND cocoa powder. Deliciously rich and creamy!
Recipe 2 - Again a custard base using cocoa powder.
Easy recipe - A quick recipe using condensed milk, cocoa powder and milk.

I also have other recipes for ice cream with variations on chocolate:
Chocolate chip ice cream here
White chocolate ice cream - here
Last but certainly not least one of my favorite ever ice creams: mint choc chip

You can mix chocolate with other ingredients very readily to make delicious ice cream such as chocolate fudge ice cream, chocolate caramel ice cream and chocolate milkshakes ice cream (a favorite of Elvis Presley). Read more about Elvis and other famous people and ice cream on this page. Amongst celebrities with a love of ice cream, Cesar Millan's favorite ice cream is reported to be butter pecan. Now there's an ice cream flavor to ge the taste buds going.

Author: Shelagh Caudle