fruitFruit is important for a healthy diet and plays a big part in homemade ice cream.

How To Store Ice Cream At Home

If there’s one downside to homemade ice cream it’s that it doesn’t store as long and as well as commercially produced ice cream. Generally speaking, you can expect to store homemade ice cream for up to 2 months maximum. Commercial ice cream keeps longer because of the way it’s produced, often including preservatives and/or stabilizers. Homemade ice cream is always best eaten on the day it’s made in my view. The quality of taste, texture and color usually deteroriates after storage in the freezer.

This simple adage definitely applies .... “Fresh = Best”

With ice cream that’s been stored you need to temper it first after removing from the freezer before you serve it. This means leaving it to slowly and gently soften at room temperature (usually up to 20 minutes) or if the room is warm, then place it in the refrigerator. Be careful not to temper it too fast though or it will spoil the texture of the ice cream.

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