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Ice Cream Ideas For Your Valentine

valentine ice cream sandwichValentine's Day (14 February) may not be a public holiday, but it is still a special day for many people.

Showing your love for someone never goes amiss! So what are its origins? According to Wikipedia's page on Valentine's Day, it was named after Saint Valentine and established as far back as 496 AD.

The tradition of the day's association with romance evolved in medieval times when the notion of 'courtly love' came to prominence.

By tradition, Valentine's Day is a day for lovers to express their love for each other by offering tokens of love - usually in the form of chocolates or flowers or some other special gift plus of course a Valentine's card.

Many lovers will go out for a meal as a special treat but by far the most romantic evening for many people is to stay home and enjoy a home-cooked meal. If you are one of those people then you will be looking for a romantic dessert of some kind in which case, look no further. I cannot think of a better culinary way to show someone you love them than to make them their favorite ice cream!

Most people like vanilla and chocolate ice cream and both of course make for a great sundae treat - not forgetting the chocolate sauce and whipped cream topping! However, you could choose to do something a little more special such as make your own delicious Valentine ice cream sandwich. It won't take you long - all you have to do is be a little creative. Take the ice cream sandwiches in the photograph for example. These were made from all butter shortbread cookies, pink and white fondant icing for the top and raspberry ripple ice cream for the filling. Simple but delicious and a great way to get your Valentine's Day message across. Thank you to my friend Barbara Goodman who made these particular Valentine's sandwiches. .

Author: Shelagh Caudle