licorice toffee flavorA licorice toffee ice cream recipe. Creamy and grey, it's really unusual both in flavor and texture. Try it today.


The simple wafer (and also cone or poke as the Irish call it!) has been associated with the enjoyment of ice cream for a long time. Today there are more varieties of wafer to choose from than ever before. This makes it possible to have even more fun with ice cream and create really interesting sundaes and novel presentations.



Here are some of the many types of wafer which are available today:

  • Fan shape - used in many ice cream sundae creations and optional in a Knickerbocker Glory

  • Teddy bear shape - ideal for children's party ice cream

  • Curls - slim and stylish, they come in different colors & flavors

  • Baskets - sometimes they're even lined with chocolate!

  • Brandy snap baskets - ideal for a single scoop presentation with sliced fruit

  • Waffles - providing a hot treat that melts in the mouth! Best with ice cream, syrup and fresh fruit.

  • Nougat filled, chocolate dipped thick wafers - an extra special treat! Not very common but still produced by some ice cream wafer manufacturers. Great for a super thick ice cream sandwich

    For more ideas on how you can use wafers in your ice cream presentations, go to the ice cream sundae pictures section. There are some good examples of the different types of wafer available and interesting ways in whicy you can use them - like in this chocolate and stawberry sundae.