gelato ice cream history

Fruit is important for a healthy diet and plays a big part in homemade ice cream, especially gelato making.


Guide To Homemade Gelato

The idea of making your own homemade gelato is very appealing and there are just as many variations of recipe for making it as there are for 'standard' ice cream making, so it's a mammoth subject to cover, but what fun! Below are just a few ideas to help get you started on the road to making good gelato.

Popular Gelato Flavors
Most are just the same as with American style ice cream:
vanilla gelato (gelato vaniglia)
chocolate gelato (gelato cioccolato)
banana gelato (gelato banana)

There's also strawberry (fragola), coffee gelato (gelato caffe) and pistachio gelato (gelato pistacchio)

There are some flavors in gelato which are not as popular as with the American style ice cream that we all know so well. These are:
lemon (limone) ~ tiramisu ~ mint (menta)
Very traditional in Italy in fact.

What about other types of recipe? Well, here is a peach gelato recipe courtesy of the Los Angeles Times which you can try. Sounds absolutely delicious!

gelato ice cream sundaeMorelli's Gelato have a wonderful ice cream parlor in Harrod's, London where you can enjoy freshly made gelato and all manner of ice cream sundaes.

This photograph (left) shows an ice cream sundae actually made at Morelli's. With chopped banana, whipped cream and a variety of gelato ice cream, toppings and wafers, it's the kind of ice cream sundae you only dream about!

Read my interview with Morelli's Master Gelatiere, Gino Soldan

Author: Shelagh Caudle