An easy chocolate ice cream recipe.No cream and no eggs needed. A great, quick fix for a special treat.

Chocolate - Its Role In Today's World

The role that chocolate plays in our everyday lives is surprisingly significant - from what chocolate we eat the most to what the differences are and the scale of chocolate sales.

There are 2 distinct categories of chocolate for consumers: fine chocolate & the more general household brands

Real vanilla is only used in fine chocolate.

Household brands generally don't contain real vanilla but vanillin which is often referred to as artificial vanilla.

The chocolate that most people eat today contains cocoa butter.

Global sales of chocolate show that milk chocolate is currently the best selling type.

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If you love chocolate you probably enjoy chocolate chip cookies. I have a super cookie recipe if you'd like to try it which was conjured up when my son was younger hence I call it Oliver's chocolate chip cookie recipe - here. They're big chunkie cookies which make great ice cream sandwiches. If you prefer you chocolate in an ice cream sundae, then check out my picture here - hopefully it will inspire you not just to make a sundae but also to make some homemade ice cream.

Author: Shelagh Caudle