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Chocolate, Science & Health

The main attraction of chocolate is that is melts in the mouth quickly and easily. This is because chocolate melts at just below human body temperature - at 34°C.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine - known to help cure a hangover, have aphrodisiac properties and generally act as a mood enhancer.

Chocolate's reputation for having aprhodisiac properties goes back a long way. This is backed up by no less than the 18th century legendary Italian Giacomo Casanova who, it's believed, enjoyed chocolate for that very reason.

It's believed that fine chocolate can help lower cholesterol.

Cocoa beans contain flavonoids which can help reduce high blood pressure. Green tea is also high in flavonoids.

Some scientific trials have shown that eating chocolate can enhance both visual and verbal memory.

Some of the oldest people in the world are known to have been big chocolate eaters. One example is Sarah Knauss who was born in 1880 and lived to the age of 119. Another was Jeanne Calment from Arles who lived until the age of 122.

Prolonged lifespan because of chocolate has yet to be fully proven scientifically but the high polyphenol levels that are found in chocolate may have a bearing. Polyphenols are known to protect against heart disease.

Results from recent investigations showed that around 50% of women interviewed said they prefer chocolate to sex.

Scientists have yet to conclusively prove what makes chocolate so appealing and why it makes people feel good. It does help to stimulate the release of endorphins which give a 'feel good' feeling in the brain. This could be one of the reasons why chocolate fountains are so popular at parties both at home and public events such as weddings. Certainly some of the research done indicates that chocolate may indeed have some identiable benefits to general human health.

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Author: Shelagh Caudle