Try this classic chocolate ice cream recipe - you'll need some of your favorite chocolate and heavy cream handy!

ice cream makerMake chocolate ice cream at home with an electric ice cream maker.

mint choc chip ice cream basket Try a super mint choc chip ice cream - ideal for sundaes and brandy snap baskets.

Chocolate Fountains

The popularity of chocolate has developed on a scale that was unimaginable back in the 19th century when the first moulded bars were made.

chocolate fountainSales of chocolate products have increased year upon year as have the different and new ways to enjoy chocolate.

The chocolate fountain is a great example. Melted chocolate flowing down a small fountain into which you can dip all manner of fruit and other foods. Delicious! Chocolate fountains are enjoyed both at home and at public functions (weddings, etc).

This picture I took of: my own chocolate fountain in use at home!

The Chocolate Fountain At Home
Whether it's for a birthday party, anniversary or any type of family or home celebration, a small chocolate fountain is easy to set up, use and enjoy within the comfort of your own home. It's also great fun! This type of chocolate fountain is usually about 28 inches (710mm) high, with a stainless steel or colored plastic, heatproof base. Cost varies but is usually around USD 90 or £50 (Pounds Sterling). When you first buy a chocolate fountain for your home you might find that the supplier also offers you the option to buy special packs of chocolate buttons for use with the fountain. This chocolate is usually what's called Belgian chocolate in that it has extra cocoa butter added for viscosity. This means that when the chocolate is melted it flows very smoothly down the fountain and 'skirts' over the tiers well. It also tastes great! You can buy packs of dark, milk or white chocolate for your chocolate fountain so if you have any family, friends or guests with certain preferences you can be sure to please them. Some suppliers even sell packs of flavored chocolate such as strawberry, lime and lemon.

Chocolate Fountains Outside The Home
There are 2 types of public place in which you might find a larger chocolate fountain being used:

  • in coffee bars and ice cream parlours where the smaller 'professional' stainless steel chocolate fountains are common. These are more expensive than the chocolate fountains for home use and usually cost about USD $2000-$3000 or £1500 Pounds Sterling.
  • in function venues for wedding receptions, corporate events etc where there are a lot of people to cater for.

    Typically up to 4ft (1200m) high, these chocolate fountains use a lot more chocolate - as much as up to 10kg! You can event rent the whole package including a large commercial chocolate fountain with personnel to operate it and all the chocolate you want to flow from it plus the skewers, napkins and even tablecloth and special colorful decorations to ensure a beautiful presentation. Also included will be all the side foods you want to dip into the chocolate. fudge

    These might include:
    strawberries, blackberries, bananas, cherries, raspberries, pineapple, grapes, melon, marshmallows, biscuits, fudge, ice cream balls, profiteroles.
    The list goes on!

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    Fancy making some chocolate ice cream - check out this delicious recipe and then make a delicious chocolate ice cream sundae like this one.

    Whether you like chocolate fountains or not, there is one thing that's for sure .... chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world and it's here to stay. Thanks to the likes of Roald Dahl who had a lifelong love of chocolate, we even have great literature inspired by chocolate.

    Author: Shelagh Caudle