vanilla ice cream with waferRead about what makes vanilla ice cream special.


Sugar is used in ice cream recipes primarily as a sweetener but is also plays an important role in producing the right texture. This is because sugar actually lowers the freezing point so logically, the more sugar you use the softer the ice cream will be.

The best sugar to use to use is pure cane sugar as this affects the taste and texture least. Other sugars can work well in terms of flavor and in fact I prefer to make vanilla ice cream with caster sugar as I find the taste and softer texture more palatable.

You can also use brown sugar (my crunchy pecan nut and maple syrup recipe positively demands it as does my creme brulee flavor!) and there’s also honey or maple syrup you can try. I do not use artificial sweeteners in any ice cream making as I find the taste and texture not as good as with regular sugar.

Read about other sweeteners you can use as an alternative to sugar in your ice cream making and I also have a page about how to make sugar free ice cream.