white wineMake a refreshing white wine sorbet -a lovely 'boozy' ice cream, ideal for special celebrations!

Honey bees existed 100 million years ago and health-giving properties of honey were known to the Ancient Egyptians and Romans. Try some homemade honey ice cream


Ice Cream Sweetener Options

Honey, Maple Syrup - these tend to work best in nut ice cream recipes because of the flavor they impart.

When using Honey and Maple Syrup in your homemade ice cream recipes, you might want to consider the following:.

Honey - honey can be used instead of sugar pretty much in a 1>1 ratio but it will impart a different flavor to the ice cream and affect its texture, especially after freezing when it can be harder and quite crumbly.

Maple Syrup - can be used instead of sugar but need a little more (about 1 cup>3/4 cup ratio). Again, like honey it imparts a different flavor to the finished ice cream. Also the water content in maple syrup usually needs to be offset by using it in a cream base recipe with a high butterfat content. You may want to use less milk and more cream than a standard recipe suggests to help increase the butterfat %.

Artificial Sweeteners
I prefer not to use artificial sweeteners in homemade ice cream making.

Corn Starch (Cornflour)
There are many people who use corn starch (cornflour) in all their ice cream making as it helps stabilise the custard they make, even potentially reducing the risk of curdling. Personally, I prefer not to use corn starch (cornflour) as a general rule but have listed it in some of my ice cream recipes where I have found it improves the texture. My prune ice cream recipe is an example of that.