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Granny's House

A large sculpture, approx 16-20 servings


ice cream house sculpture

- 4 litre tub of ice cream, any color or flavor (we chose pink) for the walls of the house
- 2 litre tub of chocolate ice cream for the roof (click image to enlarge)
- 5 marshmallows (we used pink and white ones)
- Dolly Mixture sweets (round ones - pink & white, brown & white) - for the roof edge

- 2 round licorice sweets (we used orange) - for the windows
- Red strawberry flavor licorice strips - for the roof tiles
- 2 'cartwheels' of black licorice to unravel - for round the chimney, roof edges
- 4 pink wafer biscuits - for the window shutters
- 3 rolled wafers (we used 'Caf Curls' by Askeys) - for the doorway
- Icing flowers (from the cake making dept of most supermarkets)
- Toasted almonds
- Green 'Apple Stripes' (apple flavor jelly strips)
- Packet of edible paper (usually sheets of different colors) - for the door and garden

Important: You can use other types of sweets or food for the decoration of this sculpture - don't be afraid to use your imagination!

1 plate and 1 metal tray (baking tray is OK) chilled in the freezer before starting
- Fish slice
- Sharp knife for shaping the ice cream and cutting the licorice and wafer biscuits
- A jug of hot, boiled water to dip the knife in to make cutting easier
- A sheet of baking foil cut to the size for the metal tray (this is what the sculpture will be presented upon)

Remember: when working on a sculpture keep putting it back into the freezer about every 5 minutes to prevent it from melting and to retain its firm shape.

Now read the instructions for shaping of the ice cream cottage