vanilla ice creamA Top 10 Classic
Delicious classic vanilla ice cream using real vanilla and cream. Custard base recipe.

chocolate fountainChocolate
Read about chocolate, it's fascinating history and how it can actually do you good!

Knickerbocker Glory
knickerbocker gloryIf it was good enough for JK Rowling to include in a Harry Potter story, it must be special.

Green Tea
The health benefits of green tea have been known for centuries. Learn more about green tea and make green tea ice cream. Unusual recipes like this are great fun to try whether for your family and friends or even a dinner party.

Ice Cream Sculpting - Before You Start

Important things to remember before starting work on these exclusive ice cream designs:

Type Of Ice Cream
We found that hard ice cream is the best type to use for sculpting our ice cream designs - soft scoop is just too soft for shaping and melts quite quickly by comparison.

Select all the utensils you're going to need (eg. Large knife for cutting and sculpting, good quality ice cream scoop, fish slice, etc) and have them set out ready.

Easy Sculpting
Have a jug of hot, boiled water ready alongside your sculpting utensils (knife or ice cream scoop) so that you can regularly dip them in the water to make it easier to cut/sculpt the ice cream.

Chilling Plates/Trays
Place the plate or tray on which the ice cream sculpture is to be presented in the freezer. This will prevent the ice cream from melting when you're working on it at room temperature. (Note: for some designs you may need more than one chilled plate for working on separate parts of the sculpture)

Keep It Cool!
When working on a sculpture keep putting it back into the freezer periodically to prevent it from melting and to retain its firm shape. How often you do this will depend upon your room temperature but about every 5 minutes is the guideline we used.


a) When choosing your ingredients always be mindful of whether any of the people who are going to eat your desserts have any food allergies. You may for example have to exclude nuts or any sweets or products with certain additives or colorings. So check in advance for this. Also remember that certain sweets in your decorations might be a hazard for small, young children.

b ) If when making your ice cream sculptures you decide to allow children to join in and help, ensure that any sharp utensils and jug of hot water are safely out of their way and obviously never leave children unsupervised with such items around.

c) does not accept any responsibility for any accident or injury caused to persons as a result of the creation or consumption of these ice cream designs or sundaes. All persons using the guidelines in this website do so at their own discretion and risk.