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Granny's House - Part 2

The main shape of the cottage
Take the 4 litre tub of ice cream, the chilled plate and chilled tray from the freezer. Place the foil on the chilled tray. Hold the bottom of the ice cream tub under running, warm tap water in order to loosen the ice cream from the sides and then tip out onto the chilled tray. Take the 2 litre tub of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer. Again having warmed the sides, tip it out onto the chilled plate. Cut it in the shape of a roof (diagonal sides and edges). Using a fish slice, lift it and place on top of the block of pink ice cream to create the initial look of a house.

The chimney - take a marshmallow and put a small, thin strip of black licorice round the top of it. Press in place.
Roof ridge - on the join between the roof and walls stick in some Dolly Mixture sweets.
Roof tiles - place strips of strawberry lace licorice in lines across the roof to make the shape of tiles.
Roof edges - unravel the licorice 'cartwheels', measure and cut to size to place on the edges of the roof.
Windows & shutters - a round licorice sweet in the middle for the window with pink wafer biscuits on each side (you can cut these easily to the size you need)
Doorway - gently press 3 rolled wafers into the face of the ice cream
Door - cut a piece from a sheet of edible paper and use a brown & white sweet for the handle (we used a Dolly Mixture)
Garden - cut a sheet of edible paper to the size you want and place down the middle in front of the cottage door. Create a border down each edge of the path with the green apple strips and icing flowers. For garden tubs use marshmallows with icing flowers on top. Spread plenty of toasted almonds either side of the path and all around the cottage. Create a tree with the Apple Stripes by sticking a strip to the side of the cottage and cutting the ends to make 'branches'
(Optional: decorative borders can be achieved using fan wafers)

Note: In our photograph you'll see that we decorated just the front of the house but you can decorate all 4 sides if you want!