Click here to view a selection of ice cream sundae pictures I have taken over the years from chocolate to vanilla, blackcurrant to lemon sorbet and lots more.

Morelli's Gelato Ice Cream Parlor Sundaes

morellis gelato parlorVisiting a top class ice cream parlor is a wonderful experience. One of the best ice cream parlors in Europe is Morelli's Gelato based in Harrod's in London. Their master master gelatiere Gino Soldan holds the view that 'Ice cream is art'. With such a passion for ice cream, you can only begin to imagine the wonderful tastes and ice cream sundaes he comes up with for Morelli's customers.

I am delighted to present a series of photographs taken inside Morelli's Gelato. My favorite is the sundae that Gino made for my friend Mary (photo number 4). She said she had never tasted such delicious ice cream!

Fresh Gelato Ready To Serve

Sundae #1

Sundae #2

Sundae #3

Sundae #4

Inside The Parlor