The home ice maker is great for making ice at home whenever you want it - is a great advantage for those summer bbqs and parties. Read more

marshmallowsFrom marshmallows to hot sauces, sprinkles and chopped nuts, toppings are a real treat with ice cream.

Ice Cream Accessories

To make homemade ice cream properly with the minimum of fuss and maximum of ease, you really need to be prepared by having the right accessories and kitchen equipment to hand. Not everyone thinks of this when making ice cream at home – they tend to just focus on a good ice cream maker. However, that’s just one part of the equation.

In my experience when making ice cream at home you need to have the following:

A good ice cream maker – I prefer an electric machine that freezes as it batches. It is more expensive of course but if you make ice cream at home on a regular basis then it's probably a worthwhile, long-term investment. My machine has been going strong for over 10 years!

A good, basic blender and different sized mixing bowls

Choice of 2 different sized saucepans (eg. for making custard or simple syrup)

Wooden spoon (especially useful when making custard and testing the consistency)

Good quality whisk (eg. for mixing sugar and eggs or for whipping cream)

Once you’ve made your ice cream and are ready to serve it, you will find the following accessories are also useful:

Ice cream scoop – a quality one is worth investing in as it will be easy to use and last a long time

Ice cream spoons – you need the long-handled ones especially when serving ice cream sundaes

Ice cream glasses - various shapes and sizes help cater for a single scoop serving through to when you want to offer a really special treat like a giant Knickerbocker Glory!

1 or 2 quality, plastic containers with a lid – you may wish to store your ice cream and good containers are essential for this.

Ice cream freezer – always have space free in your freezer to store any homemade ice cream that’s not eaten on the day you make it. Note: I wouldn't recommend storing homemade ice cream in a freezer for longer than 2 months. It's always best eaten fresh or within 2 or 3 days in my experience.