ice cream accessoriesTo make good, homemade ice cream you need a range of accessories.

vanilla coneEasy Vanilla Ice Cream - this has to be one of the easiest ice creams to make. Check out my recipe - click on the vanilla cone.


Ice Cream Glasses

penny lick glass Pictured left: 'Penny Lick' Glass

It was the growing commercial ice trade in the 19th century that meant populations of towns and cities could be introduced to ice cream as a new and special treat - the ice cream vendor. These ice cream sellers could keep their ice cream chilled and fresh to offer people and and in the UK they used small glasses for a taste at a penny each. These became known as 'penny licks'. However, as the penny lick became established as a popular treat, it became clear that hygiene was also an issue to be considered. The 'penny lick' glasses were simply wiped clean when handed back before being re-used! So, in the interests of public health, they were (sadly) banned in 1926.

Notwithstanding that, the enjoyment of eating ice cream continued to develop in other ways - ice cream parlours became very popular as also did the fashion to eat ice cream cones. For those interested in this part of ice cream history take a look at our pages on:

The Knickerbocker Glory (from 1930s UK)
The Ice Cream Cone (with a separate history all its own)

Ice Cream Glasses Today
As with many things, the glasses and dishes for serving ice cream have been developed to the point where there are lots to choose from. This makes eating ice cream even more fun as it allows you to create a large variety of presentations. You can use different amounts of ice cream, different types and sizes of fruit, different amounts and types of toppings and sauces - the list goes on!

Ice Cream & Gambling Anecdote
One of US President Harry S Truman's poker playing friends also provided the Trumans with their favorite pop and ice cream. So whilst ice cream and gambling might not be an obvious winning combination, it clearly can work for some people.