One of the best recipes for vanilla ice cream that you'll ever taste! Made with real vanilla pd and heavy cream. Homemade ice cream doesn't get better than this!

A lot of people eat gelato but they don't understand how it differs from other ice cream. So what is gelato and how is it made? Read about making gelato here

Home Ice Maker - Portable Machine Options

home ice makerA portable ice maker (some people call it a mini or home ice maker) is a really useful appliance in the home, whether in the kitchen or by a drinks bar, if you're lucky enough to have one!

Usually quite stylish, it's a machine which is easy to use, portable and requires no plumbing. Ice production is generally around 10 cubes in 12 minutes with different sizes of ice to choose from.

It should come with full operating instructions and a warrranty of some kind (varies country to country).

Ensure your guests never run out of fresh ice with a home ice maker.

For more information on the kind of home ice makers currently available just do a Google search or check out If you're looking for more information on ice making equipment read about commercial ice makers here.