vanilla ice creamMy favorite vanilla ice cream using real vanilla and cream. It's a custard base recipe so produces a really rich texture.

Special Ice Cream Days

In every calendar year there are special days, often with a public holiday to denote their importance. When it's a special day many families and friends get together to celebrate, often with a meal. So it's an ideal opportunity for cooking up something good and when it comes to dessert .... homemade ice cream is a great idea.

Two of the most important times for many people are Thanksgiving and Christmas. On each of these you can celebrate with appropriate ice cream recipes - here are some ideas to consider:

Thanksgiving Ice Cream - recipes here which have a relevant bias towards the things that make Thanksgiving special.
christmas pic
Christmas Ice Cream - click here for my recommended recipes for this special time of year with seasonal ingredients (including a little alcohol for fun!)

There are also other times of year when people celebrate something special or unusual - such as Halloween. Here are my ideas for Halloween ice cream which include a 'Gothic' one - go have some spooky ice cream fun!

Other 'special days' for enjoying ice cream might include Valentine's Day and Memorial Day or Mother's Day & Father's Day. All of these are great days for making some homemade ice cream. I have dedicated pages to Valentine's Day and Memorial Day with a little background on what makes each one special as well as offering some recipe ideas for homemade ice cream.

My list of unusual ice cream recipes might help you come up with the right idea. If you think an ice cream sundae might be an appropriate treat on your 'special day', you can even make a Knickerbocker Glory. There are so many options of how ice cream can help to make a celebration that bit extra special. It's one of the joys of making ice cream - there's so much variety.