orange Fruit is important for good health and especially good for making ice cream including gelato and sorbets.

Photographs Of Strasberries

fresh strasberry The strasberry is a most unusual and uncommon variety of strawberry. It's rare you will see strasberries, let alone get the chance to buy any! For that reason, I have dedicated this page to a series of photographs taken exclusively for to show what strasberries are like and how they are different to 'standard' strawberries.

Photo left: Close-up of a strasberry

mashed strawberries, mashed strasberriesPhoto right:
Comparision of mashed strawberries and mashed strasberries. The difference is very clear - typically bright red strawberries on the left with darker red strasberries on the right, looking much more like raspberries.

mashed strasberries
Photo left:
Close-up of mashed strasberries. I took this during the making of my homemade strasberry ice cream.
strawberry and strasberry
Photo right:
Comparison of strawberry and strasberry side by side