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strawberry close upDelicious strawberry ice cream using fresh strawberries and cream. There's nothing quite like it in summer!


Varieties of Strawberry

strawberry and strasberry together There are many varieties of strawberry, some grown more than others, but all with characteristics that set them apart. Listed on this page are just some of them.

Photo: I took this shot to show how two varieties can look very different in color, shape and size. On the left is a common, woodland strawberry and on the right is a strasberry, very difficult to get hold of as they are grown by specialists.

Woodland Variety
Also known as the wild strawberry, european or alpine strawberry (fragaria vesca). This grows naturally in the world's northern hemisphere. There is more than one type of wild strawberry, one being smaller than the other. Both subspecies, however, are believed to date back to the 1300s - amazing to think that in medieval times this was a fruit that people enjoyed.

Beach Strawberry
Also known as chilean strawberry, sand or coastal strawberry (fragaria chiloensis). A strawberry with several subspecies; it is noted for its large berries and grows naturally on the Pacific Ocean coasts of North America, Hawaii and South America. The beach variety can be found as a local delicacy in South American food markets. Believed to have been brought back to Europe by Amédée-François Frézier in the 18th century.

Virginia Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)
This grows naturally in North America (USA, Alaska, Canada). Sometimes referred to as a "wild strawberry" but other species of strawberry also come under this umbrella term.

According to a Dutch company currently growing this rare variety, the "pineapple-strawberry" dates back to medieval times in fact just like its woodland counterpart. It is a most unusual looking strawberry with a creamy white flesh and dark seeds embedded in it. It is juicy with an strong aromatic scent. It is sweet tasting and so lends itself to many uses in recipes as well as being ideal for decorating sundaes, cakes and other foods.

Make homemade strawberry ice cream - get the recipe here
Try a strawberry sundae
Read about the strasberry - no I'm not joking this is a real fruit! Many people think it's a mis-spelling of strawberry but it is actually just darker red in color and incredibly juicy and strong and sweet in flavor.