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Wafer Windmill

Medium size ice cream sculpture, approx 10-12 servings


ice cream windmill sculpture

- 2 litre tub of ice cream – any flavor or color (we chose chocolate)
- Fan shaped wafers
- Ice cream cone – the top 1 inch (approx 2cm) cut off from the rest
‘Cartwheel’ of black licorice
- Liquorice allsorts sweet – for the centre of the windmill (we used an orange one)
- You could use a marshmallow as an alternative
- 1 pink wafer biscuit – for the door
- Jelly Baby sweets – for ‘visitors’ to the windmill


- 1 large serving plate and 1 large metal tray (baking tray is OK) chilled in the freezer before starting
- Large, sharp knife for cutting the ice cream into shape
- Jug of hot, boiled water for the dipping and warming the knife in between cutting and sculpting

Remember: when working on a sculpture keep putting it back into the freezer about every 5 minutes to prevent it from melting and to retain its firm shape.

Creating the windmill
Take the tub of ice cream and the chilled plate and tray from the freezer. Hold the bottom of the ice cream tub under running, warm tap water in order to loosen the ice cream from the sides and then tip out onto the chilled tray. Using the large carving knife, cut the block in half. Take one half and shape it round, place it onto the chilled serving place, then put the other half of the block of ice cream on top and shape that one round. Mark lines on the outside of the windmill to create the stonework. Mark and cut out the shape of a door and use the wafer biscuit placed at the hinge of the doorway to act as the door. Take 4 fan wafers and press them into the ‘face’ of ice cream sculpture.

Note: These wafers don’t stay on too long so stick them on at the last moment before presenting the desert rather than stick them on and leave in the freezer.

Take the licorice allsorts sweet (orange) or marshmallow, wrap a small piece of licorice around it and place in the centre between the wafers.

Place the Jelly Baby sweet in front of the windmill for decorative effect. Roll the strip of licorice up into a wheel shape and place inside the ice cream cone top. Place at the side of the windmill.

Important: You can choose other types of sweets or food for the decoration of this sculpture - just use your imagination!