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Ice Cream Calling

Individual sculpture, 1 serving


ice cream phone sculpture

- Ice cream – choose any color or flavor (we used vanilla)
Note: The size of tub you buy will depend upon how many ice cream phones you want to make.
For example, a 2 litre tub should make approx. 8 servings.
- Red strawberry flavor licorice strips
- Thin strip of black licorice for the message displayed (we chose ‘Happy Birthday’)
- 1 rolled wafer – for the aerial
- Smarties (colored, candy covered chocolate sweets) – for the phone buttons

- 1 large serving plate and 1 large metal tray (baking tray is OK) chilled in the freezer before starting
- Large, sharp knife for cutting the phone shape from the ice cream block
- Jug of hot, boiled water for the dipping and warming the knife in between cutting

Remember: when working on a sculpture keep putting it back into the freezer about every 5 minutes to prevent it from melting and to retain its firm shape.

To create the phone
Take the tub of ice cream, the chilled plate and tray from the freezer. Hold the bottom of the ice cream tub under running, warm tap water in order to loosen the ice cream from the sides and then tip out onto the chilled tray. Using the large carving knife, being sure to dip it into the jug of hot water first, cut the block in half and then cut out the phone shape to the size you want.

To decorate the phone
Take a strip of strawberry laces, measure it for the display border of the phone, then cut it and press into the ice cream. Put the sculpture back into the freezer to keep firm whilst working on the next step. Carefully cut out small pieces from a strip of black licorice to make up letters for the words you've chosen to say in your 'message'. With the sculpture back out of the freezer, create your message and put the Smarties sweets in position for the buttons. Stick the rolled wafer in the top of the phone for the aerial.