blueberriesA delicious looking and really creamy ice cream made with fresh blueberries. One of my all time favorites.

ice cream sundaeOrigins Of The Ice Cream Sundae

A few places lay claim to being the place of origin of the ice cream sundae but it's hard to argue against the claim by Ithaca, New York, USA.

The town is able to provide the earliest known documentation to support its claim of being the birthplace of the ice cream sundae.

An advertisement in the local newspaper the Ithaca Daily Journal on 5 April 1892, placed by local soda fountain owner Chester Platt clearly states:

A new 10 cent Ice Cream Specialty,
Served only at Platt & Colt's
Famous day and night Soda Fountain"

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The history of ice cream is fascinating - there's the development of making ice cream itself plus the origins of the ice cream cone but I find the origins of the ice cream sundae even more interesting. That's the beauty of ice cream - it has endless scope for retaining your interest.