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Ice Cream Scoops

A good ice cream scoop is essential for serving ice cream properly whether professionally in an ice cream parlor or at home. Ice cream scoops come in a variety of shapes and materials these days – the choice is surprising.

ice cream scoop
For example, there are ‘spoon’ shaped ice cream scoops which can be basic plastic ones or made of aluminium alloy (pictured left) which helps resist corrosion and oxidation.

There is even a Teflon coated option.

Some ice cream scoops are spring operated to help release the ice cream from the scoop when serving. I myself have one like this and wouldn’t be without it!

Another type of ice cream scoop is ‘spade’ shaped which tends to be used more in commercial ice cream establishments and parlors. Some of these scoops even have a steel edge which is designed to scoop even the hardest and most deep-frozen ice creams.

There's a wide range of ice cream accessories available today - blenders, whisks, ice cream spoons, ice cream glasses and of course many options of ice cream maker.

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