My recipe for strasberry ice cream - brilliant if you can get hold of some strasberries. Ask your local fruit supplier or supermarket if they can get any in for you.

Blueberry ice cream is a delicious looking and tasty treat.

Ice Cream - The Part Fruit Plays

Fruits are a wonderfully versatile food and using them and/or their juice with ice cream is a good example. There are 3 main ways in which fruit is used with ice cream.


Fruit As A Key Ingredient

strawberry ice cream and banana ice cream
rhubarb & custard ice cream
many sorbets such as pear, orange, apple

Pictured: a fresh strawberry

lemon sorbet ice cream with fruitFruit In Ice Cream Sundaes

Strawberries, black grapes & melon pieces in
Shelagh's Knickerbocker Glory

Melon, orange & black cherry with Lemon Sorbet Ice Cream (Pictured)

Fruit As Ice Cream Toppings- eg. sliced kiwi, whole strawberries, cherries, blueberries, wedges of apple.

Read about other ideas for ice cream toppings here. Ice cream making is such fun and there are so many recipes you'll never get bored making it. That's the magic of ice cream.