ice creamInterested in how this website came about? A passion for ice cream since I was a child but also the sense of fun that ice cream generates.

Did you know that you can actually sculpt with ice cream? I created a whole gallery of ice cream sculptures here with guidelines for you to copy. Something a little unusual but very special.

Ice Cream FAQ

With ice cream loved by so many people around the world, there are naturally many questions asked about its many different facets.

How long ago were people eating ice cream?
How and when did the ice cream freezer come into existence?
Answers - check out the ice cream history page

What's the most popular flavor of ice cream today?
What's the most popular ice cream topping?
How big is ice cream as an industry?
Answers - my page about ice cream facts

What is a Knickerbocker Glory?
Answer - Here

Why is homemade ice cream sometimes too hard after storing?
Answer - Here