Here is my favorite recipe for chocolate ice cream.

vanilla pods
Make vanilla ice cream using real vanilla. A classic custard base recipe.

Eggs - Ice Cream Key Ingredient

If you like the taste of a custard base (ice cream base) in your ice cream then eggs are essential in making homemade ice cream. Generally only the egg yolks are used in ice cream making.

Eggs also play a scientific role, acting as emulsifiers, suspending the butterfat particles in the ice cream. Eggs also improve the whipping capacity and texture of ice cream as well as helping in storage. If you don’t eat or don’t like eggs, however, there are plenty of recipes that don’t require eggs. Here are 3 quick and easy ice cream recipes that don't use eggs:

easy vanilla
easy banana
easy chocolate

NOTE: A point worth mentioning is that ice cream made without eggs is not likely to store as well and for as long. If you want to read more about storing ice cream go to this page.