Sometimes it's easier to watch a recipe being used - and here you can watch my ice cream videos showing how to make homemade ice cream.

marshmallows Marshmallows, sprinkles, chopped nuts and hot toffee sauce - just a few of the wonderful toppings you can use.


ground coffeeCoffee is a beverage with a fascinating history that millions enjoy every day around the world. Many of my site visitors download and use my coffee ice cream recipe so I thought a section devoted to coffee and coffee beans would be of additional interest.

Whether you have a passion for South American coffee, African coffee, Caribbean coffee or coffee from the Far East, I hope to bring you an interesting array of things to read. For example, an estimated 7 million tonnes of coffee will be produced worldwide by the year 2010 - a measure of its true global popularity. There are also entirely different issues worth reading about such as the working standards of people within the coffee producing industry and environmental concerns.

With a unique history, coffee is well worth reading about. There's so much to learn! I've researched and written a page dedicated to Coffee History and welcome my readers to visit it. I hope it makes your enjoyment of coffee even greater!

My 2 favorite recipes for ice cream with a coffee flavor are here ...