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Ice Cream Parlor TV Comedy Sketch

The Two Ronnies
in 'The Ice Cream Parlor Sketch"'

The scene is set in an ice cream parlor. Ronnie Corbett is the customer who goes in for some ice cream and Ronnie Barker is the ice cream man behind the counter suitably dressed in colorful 'ice cream' clothes.

For anyone not familiar with this classic sketch, here's the main extract including the 2 long lists of wacky ice cream flavors recited by Ronnie Barker.

Ronnie Corbett asks for "a ha'penny ice cream cornet please"
(An ice cream cornet is what many other people call an ice cream cone)

"What flavor?"
"Cheese and onion"

Of course he's told they don't do cheese and onion ice cream.
So he asks for another ... this time "smokey bacon"
No, they don't do smokey bacon ice cream either.

"What flavors have you got then?

This is where Ronnie Barker delivers a wonderful, fast monologue listing an amazing array of ice cream flavors - some real and some of course a little unreal!

"We've got ... strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, dairy vanilla, nut sundae, fruit whip, cornish cream, plum surprise, rhubarb fool, knickerbocker glory, crunchy toffee pringle, neopolitan, cosmopolitan, marshmallows, spearmint, coffee continental, orange, lemon, lime, lychee, pineapple, pomegranite, ugly fruit (?) "

"Is that all?" comes the reply! "I'm sure you used to do salt n vinegar"
"No we never did salt n vinegar"

They argue about it a little more then ....

"Alright I'll have something else ... sorry what did you say you had again?

The second monologue from Ronnie Barker follows ....

"We've got strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, blackberry, gooseberry fool, apple charlotte, marmalade, onion, lemon, glycerine and menthol, sugared almond, flaky apricot, knickerbocker glory, banana, grapefruit, gropefruit, gripewater and greengauge jelly"

Ronnie Corbett still isn't happy about the choices so he decides to have something different - a packet of crisps.

"What flavor?" asks Ronnie Barker

"Raspberry Ripple" comes the reply!

See the sketch on AOL Video

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