Ever tried licorice toffee ice cream? It might be a little unusual but it is just one of the many flavors to enjoy. Read more about ice cream flavors here


Ice Cream Vocabulary

Ice cream has a language all of its own. Many of the words associated with ice cream sound so good in themselves they almost melt in the mouth as you say them! Just think about it and you'll see what I mean. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Words connected with ice cream that sound wonderfully delicious: :
butterfat ~ churn ~ custard ~ sorbet ~ syrup ~ gelato

Phrases such as the following:
raspberry ripple ~ whipped cream ~ two scoops ~ hot fudge sauce ~ mint chocolate chip

Then there are more technical terms such as:
overrun - used in commercial ice cream making to refer to the air in the ice cream
dasher blades - referring to the 'paddle' of an ice cream making machine that helps churn the mixture.

Whatever the words, if they have a link to ice cream you can be sure most ears will prick up at the sound of them!