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US Presidents & Ice Cream

Ice cream is a food that unites all kinds of people across the world - people of different races, creed and color and people of all manner of professions.

One area that makes fascinating reading is how much ice cream has been and still is loved by politicians. Let's take US Presidents for example. Here is a list of them who are known to have enjoyed ice cream:

George Washington
Washington is reported to have spent $200 on ice cream in the summer of 1790. Back then that amount of money was a small fortune.

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln actually had ice cream served at his 2nd inauguration.

Harry S Truman
His family had a known fondness for ice cream. In 1991 Dorsy Lou Warr said in an interview that her father was a member of Harry S Truman's poker circle and often provided the Trumans with pop and ice cream.

George W. Bush
His favorite ice cream is understood to be Pralines and Cream.

Barack Obama
Well I don't know yet which is his favorite ice cream but it's a known fact that he does enjoy it, particularly with his family. You can see a great photo of him with his family about to take what was described as 'a much needed ice cream break' whilst on the US Presidential campaign in 2008. Click here. Ben & Jerry who endorsed his election campaign even created a flavor in his honor called "Cherries for Change." That has a great ring to it and though I haven't tasted it, it sounds delicious!

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