Now this butter pecan ice cream is one of my all time favorite recipes. Rich, creamy and so nutty!

marshmallows When you've made your homemade ice cream, top it off with something special - from marshmallows to chopped nuts and hot toffee sauce, there's lots to choose from.

Ice Cream & Nuts

Nuts lend themselves very readily to being used both in ice cream recipes and as a compliment to ice cream desserts and sundaes. Here are some of my recipes for ice cream with nuts as key ingredients:

crunchy pecan & maple syrup
coconut ice cream
pistachio ice cream

Nuts make ideal ice cream toppings, adding extra color and flavor to any ice cream cone or sundae. The kind of nuts most often used as toppings include:
hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds (chopped, flaked or whole), coconut (shredded or flaked)

Click here to view my gallery of sundaes where some of the pictures show nuts used as toppings.

Nut flavors of ice cream are amongst the most popular today with Butter Pecan probably the most preferred of all nut flavors. Some unusual 'nutty' flavors are beginning to increase in popularity too such as chestnut and walnut.