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Ice Cream & Movie Stars

Lou Costello, Comedian
His reported last words March 3 1959: "That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted."

Harry Cohn (1891-1958)
American Movie Producer, Chief of Columbia Studios
This is an anecdote from a story reportedly relayed by movie legend Frank Capra later in life ....
One day Harry Cohn ordered Frank Capra to visit his office without delay. Capra arrived to find Cohn - having forgotten their appointment - embroiled in a furious argument with his brother (Jack) over various creative differences. When the bell of an ice cream truck was heard from the street, Cohn stopped fighting, took orders, ran to the window, and called down the order - "One chocolate! Two strawberry!" - before going back to throttling his brother while they waited for dessert.

Bruce Willis, American Actor
Reported to have once fallen asleep at a formal dinner in honor of basketball superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and, during the dessert course, fell asleep, landing face first into a bowl of ice cream.

This next quote is my favorite!
Jackie Chan, Chinese Actor/Stuntman
In an interview in 2010 Jackie was asked the question "What does love feel like?"
His answer: "Ice cream"

Brad Pitt, American Actor
After getting married to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt is reported to have declared ....
"Being married means I can fart and eat ice cream in bed."

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