There are some quick and easy recipes for making ice cream at home - try my easy chocolate ice cream to start with.

Ice Cream Maker Being Used At Home

Here are the basic steps involved in using an electric ice cream maker showing the separate parts of the ice cream maker:

ice cream maker step 1
This picture shows the metal bucket into which you pour your ice cream mixture; to the right of it is the machine's top assembly with plastic paddle which churns the ice cream
(ice cream scoop also shown)

ice cream maker step 2

When you have prepared your ice cream mixture, you simply pour it into the bucket. Note: the bucket should never be filled more than 3/4 as the mixture will expand as it churns/freezes.

ice cream maker step 3

The bucket with ice cream mixture inside is placed into the main unit and the top assembly with plastic paddle is then put back on top.

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Whenever using this type of appliance, always ensure you follow the manufacturer's operating instructions. Basic food hygience rules should also be followed every time you prepare fresh food such as homemade ice cream.

View my videos here to watch me actually using this ice cream maker to make homemade vanilla ice cream and also a quick and easy banana ice cream.