marshmallowsFrom nuts to toffee sauce, hot chocolate, colored sprinkles and marshmallows, there's a big range of ice cream toppings to choose from. Toppings make sure that ice cream is never boring!.

Ice Cream And Cake

Both ice cream and cake are popular desserts in their own right but they also go together very well and can form a wonderful 'combination' dessert.

Here's a great example - hot chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of delicious homemade chocolate or vanilla ice cream on top. Wonderful!

Then there are cake-based desserts made by commercial dessert companies which feature ice cream as a top layer - eg. a banana nut cake or chocolate cake with your favorite ice cream on top.

Finally there is the definitive ice cream cake which you might see either in the shape of a cake such as at a birthday party or other special celebration or as a single block of layered ice cream and cake, one layer on top of another. It's believed that ice cream cake evolved as a natural development of the trifle and that there are recipes for ice cream cake dating back to the late 1800s.