ice cream sundae pictures

Here is my top chocolate ice cream recipe - the second most popular recipe downloaded from in the last 10 years.

ice cream makerMake your ice cream at home with an electric ice cream maker. That's mine in the picture with a built-in freezer so it freezes as it batches.

Crème brûlée flavor ice cream is a recipe I'm particularly fond of. Incredibly indulgent and rich you can eat it on its own or as an accompaniment to a hot pie or pudding.

Animals Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream is not loved by humans alone - animals love ice cream too, especially dogs and cats. Some are choosy about what flavor of ice cream they eat, others about how they eat it and some only enjoy ice cream if they can share it! One of my fond childhood memories is of sharing ice cream with my pet dog - a beautiful, small Yorkshire Terrier named Josie.

Josie adored ice cream and would relish the chance to have a taste whenever it came along. This was usually when I got to have an ice cream cone from the ice cream man who would come down our street in his ice cream truck. Josie would watch me eat the cone and sit waiting patiently until I got near the end - she knew what was coming next. I would break off the bottom part of the cone and scoop a teaspoonful of ice cream into it and then let her have this as her own mini cone treat. I just wish we'd had a video camera in those days so I could show it to you now but sadly we didn't.

So here is the next best thing - YouTube clips of other people's pets enjoying ice cream.

Ice Cream Loving Rabbits:
Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Loving Horses:
Horse Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Loving Lizards:
Lizard Eating Ice Cream