ice cream accessoriesThere are certain things you need in the kitchen ready to make and then serve your homemade ice cream. From ice cream spoons to ice cream glasses and more. Click on the photo for more information.

Spoons For Eating & Serving Ice Cream

ice cream spoonsAs a child I was always struck by the beautiful, long handled ice cream spoons that were handed out with a sundae on a visit to an ice cream parlor. We never had such spoons at home and the parlor was the only place I saw them. Perhaps that’s why they are so memorable to me; they just were not widely available at that time and  most people did not make homemade ice cream or their own sundaes at home.

Today, of course, that has all changed with the advent of the ice cream maker and so many toppings, sauces and wafers being readily available in the stores. Having said that, the parlor will always have an important and special role to play and I hope we never see the day when they are a thing of the past.

I have my own ‘ice cream cabinet’ in my kitchen at home which hosts a wonderful array of serving glasses and dishes including a treasured Victorian penny lick glass as well as a super variety of long handled ice cream spoons that I’ve collected over the years. Some are plastic with colourful, fun tops, others are stainless steel and stylish but my favorite is one with a moulded ice cream cone handle top (see picture). It’s quite heavy but strong so can tackle the deepest of sundaes without fear of bending! Whenever I serve up a sundae to family and friends at home there’s always a rush for this special spoon!