Nov 25, 2009

A Dimension Of Thanksgiving - Apple Pie With Ice Cream!

There is of course more than one dimension to Thanksgiving. Much of the media seems to focus on the 'gluttony' that takes place, portraying many families as spending the afternoon lazily watching football on tv after over-indulging in food. OK so that might happen in a lot of households BUT what is more important is the fact that many people go to great lengths and travel long distances just to be with their families for this one special day, irrespective of how they spend the afternoon. Being together and giving thanks for the good things they share is the real heart of Thanksgiving. It's not commercial and it's not about religion - it's about love and gratitude - and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with good food.

So enjoy your turkey, the cranberries and the stuffing and if you're having good old apple pie for dessert ..... don't forget the vanilla ice cream!

Happy Thanksgiving

PS. Not planning to have apple pie? Just want a good homemade ice cream? Read my Thanksgiving Ice Cream page.

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Nov 22, 2009

Cumbria Floods - Donations Appeal

It's rare that I write 2 consecutive posts on the same theme but I'm going to make an exception in the light of the terrible floods in Cumbria on 19 November. The floods followed the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Britain. A staggering 314.4 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours in the area.

In my last post I described how on that same day I met three flying policemen during a break from their emergency rescue work in Cumbria. Having quickly shot a video clip of their helicopter leaving I turned to see an RAF Rescue Helicopter that had just landed briefly to refuel and was able to film it as it took off westward back to the flood disaster area. Here it is ....


Over the last 2 days the world's media has covered this news in one way or another. We have all seen the pictures of devastation including collapsed bridges - 6 have already collapsed, others are under threat and all 1,800 of Cumbria's bridges are to undergo tests. Then there are the many flooded and damaged homes as well as shops, banks and pubs. Even the historic Wordworth House in Cockermouth, the birthplace of William Wordsworth, has been badly damaged.

Stories of heroism and tragedy have touched people's hearts across the world and the spirit of the Cumbrian people to face and deal with this catastrophe has been heartwarming. After a few days, perhaps a week or two in the news, life will go on for the rest of the world but for those directly affected by these floods life may never be the same again. Recovering from such an event will be difficult both financially and emotionally for many people. That is why a special Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund has been set up. The aim is to help individuals and families as well as voluntary groups who suffered in the flooding. I heard about the Appeal whilst listening to a BBC Radio news interview with Deb Muscat of Cumbria Community Foundation. If you are in a position to make even the smallest of donations please do so. Go the the Cumbria Community Foundation website and follow the instructions for "Give Now".

During "Thanksgiving" week it's a great opportunity to recognise our own good fortune in contrast to the misfortune of others.

Thank you to all my readers for your time in reading this - if even just one of you makes a donation it will have made this post truly worthwhile :)

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Nov 24, 2008

Celebrate Thanksgiving With A Gourmet Gift Basket

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as it's such a special time of year, many people give great thought to planning their Thanksgiving meal or, if being invited to eat with others, perhaps they're thinking of buying an appropriate gift for the host. If you are one of the latter, then here's a great idea for a Thanksgiving gift - a gourmet gift basket.

Giving thanks for our blessings with a gift of food in any shape or form is always going to be a winner and if you know what your host and their family like to eat, then it's not that difficult to find just the right gift. There are many gourmet gift baskets to choose from. Check them out now! Photo: 5 star rated gourmet gift basket available through the Ice Cream Recipes Online Store.

If, on the other hand, you are the host and have a Thanksgiving meal to prepare, have you thought about making your own homemade ice cream for Thanksgiving? Check out my Thanksgiving ice cream recipes page for ideas.

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Nov 21, 2007

Thanksgiving - Give Thanks With Ice Cream

Thanksgiving is a special time for many people and provides a wonderful focal point for family and friends to get together and enjoy a special celebration.

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving at home with a large and special meal. Many Thanksgiving meals feature roast turkey but when it comes to a dessert, there's lots of 'traditional' options that include pumpkin, cranberries or gingerbread.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding is a super dessert for Thanksgiving. Diana Rattray offers a great recipe if you follow the link. Whatever dessert you choose, you might want to serve it with ice cream. It could be your favorite flavor or you could go for a guaranteed 'hit' with your dinner guests by choosing a straight vanilla ice cream. However, if you'd like to try something a little more unusual to make your Thanksgiving meal more special, you could try making a special homemade ice cream - here's one of my all time favorites ...

If this doesn't appeal then you could try another from a range of unusual ice cream recipes - follow the link and you get recipes for everything from coconut ice cream, to nougat ice cream, chestnut ice cream and lots more!

Whatever dessert you choose, whether with or without homemade ice cream, simply enjoy being with those nearest and dearest to you and the joy that sharing a good, hearty meal can bring. Happy Thanksgiving!

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