Nov 12, 2009

Ice Cream Books For Christmas

Out and about Christmas shopping yet? Already suffering from shopping mall blues?

Well, if the idea of sitting comfortably in your slippers and doing a little shopping on the Net appeals, here are some great ideas for Christmas gifts - ice cream books.

These are highly rated books from Amazon now available through the Ice Cream Recipes Online Store ....

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Dec 4, 2008

Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

When it comes to Christmas gift shopping everyone seems to take a different view. Some people don't like to contemplate the idea of Christmas until around 17 December, a week before Christmas Eve. By contrast some people (me included) like to get their Christmas shopping done early so that they don't have to rush at the last minute coming up with ideas or trekking round a shopping mall amongst throngs of people.

To be honest I always try to do my Christmas shopping in October - before Halloween in fact. I will usually make one trip to a main shopping area, spend 2 or 3 hours there browsing and getting my ideas together and then when I get home I will go online to look for the best deals for the gifts I've decided to buy. I don't always find what I want straight away but by the 2nd or 3rd time I've been online I've got my list together of where I'm going buy my Christmas gifts. More often than not the suppliers are a mixture of the 'big guys' such as Amazon and the smaller, specialised retailers.

Here's are some examples of ice cream related Christmas gifts online ....

Electric Ice Cream Maker

USA Shoppers - have some great deals and their customer reviews and star ratings are a great bonus in helping you choose the right machine. This Cuisinart ice cream maker comes with an ice cream recipe booklet, 3 year warranty and has some great customer reviews. It's also at an affordable price and from a top ice cream machine manufacturer.

UK Shoppers - is a good route to take. There's a Phillips ice cream maker which is stylish and compact, has a 5 star rating and at under £50 is great value for money.

Ice Cream Books
On both the above Amazon stores there are sections dedicated to books on ice cream covering subjects such as ice cream recipes, making gelato, old fashioned ice cream and granitas. I could spend hours just browsing through these books alone! So I shall take a closer look at ice cream books in a later post and list my personal choices for what I think make great Christmas gifts.

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Jul 4, 2008

From Ice Cream Toys To Ice Cream Ties

If you like ice cream - and let's face it, the majority of people do - then you might like to buy something with an ice cream theme, either for yourself or as a present for someone you know who also loves ice cream.

You might look in a local department store but you're not likely to find much there with an ice cream theme and if you search online you're likely to have to refine your search over and over for invididual items - and that's not easy to do if you don't know what kind of things are available with a dedicated ice cream theme. Even then you might at best come up with a comparisons site such as where you then have to go off searching one link at a time. All rather time consuming and a fair amount of effort. I know as I speak from experience. I wanted to look at ice cream ties as a different gift for my husband and at babies' clothes with an ice cream theme for a friend who's just had a baby boy (hi Dylan).

I couldn't easily find any one site where there was a good and broad choice. So, with the benefit of this experience, I decided to team up with and open an online store in which every item selected has an ice cream theme. The great news is that it's now live - the Ice Cream Recipes Online Store and I'm delighted to share that news with you.

It's not the biggest store - in fact it's simple and straight-forward and powered by Amazon's great technology it should be the kind of site (safe and reliable) that my readers will like. The special thing about it though is this .... the range of items is focused and, I believe, really relevant to the kind of visitors that come to every day.

Photos: one of the colorful ice cream ties available in the store and a watch with a chocolate ice cream cone. Now there are two things you don't see every day!

The store also has sections on ice cream makers, ice cream scoops, ice cream books, ice cream tee shirts, ice cream footwear, ice cream caps, ice cream jewelry, ice cream toys & games and even ice cream baby clothes. I hope to add more as time goes along but because I'm taking the time to individually select the items the store won't grow too fast. That's not imporant though - I just want people to have the chance to search for anything with an ice cream theme without having to trawl through lots of websites. Hopefully, job done!

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