May 4, 2007

Ice Cream Cone Origins & Popularity

Anyone who enjoys ice cream will have had an ice cream cone at some point in their lives and if, like me, you make your own homemade ice cream, a cone is a great way of serving up a treat for the family.

But do you know where the cone originated?
The history of the ice cream cone goes back about a hundred years; a US patent for something along the lines of an ice cream cone was issued in late 1903 and only a few months later a waffle maker/seller at the St. Louis Fair is credited with 'inventing' a cone from waffles that he made and sold. So the ice cream cone has been around a long time.

And why is the ice cream cone still so popular?
Probably because it's so versatile. You can walk around eating your ice cream with a cone (no need for a dish and spoon!), you can add different flavored scoops, you can add ice cream toppings such as sprinkles or sauces which make both the ice cream and the cone taste better. The cones themselves are also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and even flavors. Some you can buy ready dipped in chocolate!

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Wikipedia also has an interesting page on the history of the ice cream cone.

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